About Me

Almost everything you need to know!

Computer Engineer with a plan to make something big!!

  • Computer Science Undergrad with a minor in Data Science
  • Lived & Studied in the United States
  • Highly Efficient in Social Media Management & Virtual Assistance
  • Interested in Business Development and Startup+Product management
  • Aspiring SDR/BDR of SAAS and Software business
  • Firsthand Experience in Paralegal Service, Real Estate Agency, IT Consultancy and other businesses in the United States.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) / FEQ (Frequently Expected Questions)

> Why is the price so high or so low?

The prices of this service is "reasonable". Period. The only possibility is that it may progressively go up.

Why so High? 😖
The service you are getting is top of the marks considering -

  • I have near-native fluency in English
  • I am easy to communicate and teach
  • Fairly Americanized and I have been using the internet since 2001 on my Pentium 1 Desktop PC
  • I am academically and professionally successful individuals looking to help and learn from others
I have the empathetic understanding of internet communities, investigative curiosity in implementing automation in mundane tasks and I am always desperate to learn about new things and meet new people.

Why so Low? 🥰
If you want to pay more just, pay more (!).

Is this is an agency or are you just a single freelancer?
I am a single freelancer. There is no other teammates, subcontracting or other things involved.

> Can you bring me "X" number of follows or "Y" number of likes in "Z" days?

I am sorry this is not a goal-driven service. This service strives to be the best social media management, digital marketing and virtual assistance service. I can't guarantee you an exact figure. This is not a click farm service.

Most of the service that guarantees any nominal number is oftentimes highly reliant on bots or click farms.

I, on the other hand, stride to provide the best bang for your bucks but moreover, I am constantly on the lookout of implementing and experiment with newest strategies to your business.

> What is the terms of payment?

For the time being, I am only expecting payment through PayPal and exclusively in US Dollar on a weekly or job basis.

> Can you give me the accounts you have previously managed?

Please see my Portfolio & Case Studies section to make an informed decision as most of the cases are based on my previous clients. Or just send me an email to get an independent case study on your business. Unfortunately, I can't provide any information regarding my clients.

> What time zone you follow?

I mainly follow the Mountain Standard Time (MST.

> What does "ITNA" stands for?

"ITNA" stands for "Intelligence Technology Niche Assistance".